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Lotus Callus Culture Extract

Lotus Callus Culture Extract

A noble flower, Lotus looks so clean and pure against the background of the dirty pond and has been
studied for edible and medicinal use due to its various effects. Lotus Culture Extract is extracted from
plant cells induced from Lotus petals. It promotes skin moisturizing and soothing. Skin brightening effect
has been verified by molecular experiments.

Nelumbo Nucifera Callus Culture Extract
(Lotus callus culture extract)

PCPC Letter

Water, Nelumbo Nucifera Callus Culture Extract,
1,2-Hexanediol, Sodium Hyaluronate,

Applied Technology
Plant Cell Culture Technology

Active Ingredient
Gallic acid

1 %

Marketing Point

  • Sustainable and eco-friendly culture technology without destroying nature
  • Several million plant cells concept available (Calculation of plant cell number is possible.)

Plant Cell Culturing Process

Preparation of Lotus seeds

Seed germination under a sterilized condition for callus induction of Lotus

Callus induction from Lotus

Induced Lotus callus

Repetitive callus culture on plates

Callus culture in liquid media

Large culture (0.1~2 ton)

Extraction from freeze-dried Lotus callus


  • Skin moisturizing
  • Skin brightening
  • Anti-inflammatory effect

Clinical Test

  • Saftey assesment by Human Repeated Insult Patch Test

Conducted by Ellead Co., Ltd.


  • Composition for Skin External Application Comprising Extract of Nelumbo Nucifera Callus (KR, 10-1143717)

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