Acknowledging the value of plant cells, BIO-FD&C has been putting a great deal of effort in sustainable plant cell culture technology for health supplement and anti-aging materials. The plant cell research has started since 2005 when BIO-FD&C was founded and the company has finally achieved NET certificate (No. 0974), US patent (US9464282B2), and K-Brain Power certificate with its unique plant cell technology for accumulation of phytochemicals in plant cells.

The fact that a part of plant becomes a cell, a basic unit of life, and a single cell becomes a fully-grown plant stimulated our interest and scientific curiosity, and we eventually took the first step towards our great challenge through North Pole expedition for the plant restoration project.

In addition to the new growth engine with the material development for health supplement and drug, BIO-FD&C has been expanding its plant restoration business that can overcome the limits of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). We have been putting our heart into the research on plant resources by restoring many valuable plant resources including endangered species and registering the Rose genome sequence in Genbank (Rosa damascena, whole genome shotgun sequencing project, LYNE00000000.1) in 2016 for the first time in the world. Our great challenge shall continue forever to achieve coexistence between human beings and nature.

Co-CEO. Dr. Moh (Sang Hyun)