Biofuji Co., Ltd., which challenges the infinite value of plant cells,
It is a R & BD specialized company dealing with anti-aging and health materials
using new technology. Since the establishment in 2005, research and development
of plant cells have been carried out to accumulate phytochemicals beyond plant
cell cultures Plant cell cultivation technology (New technology (NET No. 0974)
certification, US patent registration (US 9464282B2) And K-Brain Power certification).

Part of the plant is the cell that is the constituent unit of life, and one cell is the
whole plant The mysterious abilities of the plants that have stimulated our
scientific curiosity, We have taken the first step in the great challenge of plant restoration.

Biofuji Co., Ltd. is a growth engine for the development of dry foods and new
drugs for human health. As a stepping stone, we will gradually expand sustainable
plant restoration projects beyond the limits of the Convention on Biological
Diversity (CBD). Restoring plant resources with high conservation value, such as
endangered species and rare plants, The genome sequence of the rose genome
is 2016 Genbank (Rosa damascena, whole genome shotgun sequencing project,
LYNE00000000.1). We are doing everything. Deeply greater value for the
coexistence of nature and mankind Our Great Challenge will continue in the future.

Co-Representative Director Moo Sang Hyun